MJ Bast

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals; your success is our business!

Our mission is to succeed in helping our clients achieve their business goals; transforming their visions and dreams into reality. Although we serve a number of clients in United States, offshore countries, and other Canadian provinces, many of our clients are located in Southern Ontario.

Most new clients are referred to us by bank managers, accounting firms, legal firms, immigration law firms and our existing clientele. In many cases our new clients are companies that, for some reason, are having difficulty in securing the financing they require or their banking relationships are strained.

Consequently, we are accustomed to handling difficult and challenging assignments.

We work closely with business owners, their key staff members, and, as is appropriate, their accounting and legal advisors to develop plans of action designed to produce specific goals.

Our core services are geared toward small and medium sized businesses for financing assistance and preparation of business plans for diverse purposes including applications for E-2 Treaty Investor and L-1A immigration visas to United States, and for business visas to Canada from US and off-shore jurisdictions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to succeed in helping our clients achieve their business goals; in many cases, their visions and dreams. This is not merely a slogan. It is our purpose and a core value proposition to each client we serve.

During the early years of our business, we had a client referred to us as a “last resort.” The situation looked hopeless but we saw potential and were determined to solve the problem. We prepared the most compelling business plan ever in our experience and after approaching more than forty various financing sources, found one that was willing to take a risk and the problem was solved. The relief and gratitude of our client was overwhelming.

Soon after, another client, a family business, was referred to us with an even more difficult issue, also requiring financing. During a meeting with the whole family, one of the family members, said, "we need a champion." We determined that we would be that champion, and succeeded. We have looked at ourselves in that light ever since.

Our success rate with business plans, including all types, exceeds 95%. While we strive for success 100% of the time, sometimes issues emerge unexpectedly that were not disclosed in the beginning stages of the assignment that resulted in insurmountable complications or problems.

Fortunately, most situations for which business plans are required are not unusually complicated or difficult. However, we apply the same dedication to excellence in every project we accept which is driven by our commitment help our clients to achieve their goals and realize their dreams and visions.

Our Practices

We are not a business planning factory. We are a boutique consulting practice. We do not use "one size fits all" business plans and forecasting software templates. Every assignment is customized to our clients' individual needs, business models, specific goals and designed to communicate to a very specific audience. For example, a business plan prepared for and of interest to an institutional lender is quite different to one that is prepared for analysis of the adjudicator of an application for a business related immigration visa.

While they share similar content that is necessary in any business plan, emphasis must focus on different criteria that will satisfy the reader. On one hand, a business plan prepared for a bank loan must meet the lending criteriawhile also providing evidence the loan can be paid back. On the other hand, a business plan prepared for immigration purposes must satisfy rules and guidelines that serve the purposes of the type of visa being applied for. For the E-2 visa, as an example, the business must not be marginal, the investment must be substantial and must be shown to benefit the community in which the business is being situated. These are the rules, but the rules are not well defined and are judged based on the type of business it is, and many other factors. In some cases, these rules make no sense to the business owner and nor would they to a bank. When they are ignored or are not understood, however, the result is too often a failed application for the visa. So it takes experience to know what will work and what will not for each type of business plan.

It is important to our clients and to us as well, to understand who is reading the material we have prepared, an understanding we have acquired over many years' experience with many business models and varied industries. The foregoing example is only one but this principle is applied to every assignment we accept.

Our Fees

While not the least expensive on the street, we do keep our fees reaonable while offering you the benefit of our many years of experience and proven success. When we make an agreement with a client to provide defined services for a certain price, we make sure that we deliver excellence in product and services, and often, more than our clients expect.